Salt Water

The Art Of Interaction



It starts with an interaction between wind and salt water. Storms, somewhere far out at sea, lash out and turn the ocean into a chaotic mess of energy. That energy becomes a swell. That swell turns into waves. And, for us, those waves translate into moments that are well beyond words.

Interacting with Salt Water is a form of art — one that is urgent and timeless all at once. Any wave. Any craft. Any day. There’s beauty in every interaction. We’re obsessed, and that obsession is what fills the pages of this magazine.

We hope to inspire you to pursue your art of interaction with Salt Water.


Salt Water

The Magazine



Salt Water is a bi-annual printed magazine focused on the revolution that is shaping alternative surf culture all over the world.
We believe that surfing has a lot more to offer than performance shortboards and wave pools, and we make this magazine for people who share that belief. This is a place for creators to express themselves and share their art. We hope it inspires the rise of a wild new era in wave riding.  

The magazine itself is a 192 pages revue, printed in the Basque Country on recycled paper.


Salt Water Volume 1.

“Somewhere Else”



The first issue of Salt Water contains fourteen stories produced by a variety of creative minds: photographers, writers, travelers and more. It’s centered around the theme of places. Location is the most important ingredient in the surfing experience. Whether it’s searching for empty waves in the middle of nowhere or the routine of surfing your home break. At home or with friends. Any board. Any time. Anywhere. That’s what it’s all about.


Storytellers: Fabien Voileau, Ben Thouard, Fran Miller, Filippo Maffei, Rocci Semmer, Jeremiah Klein, Hayden O'Neil, Thomas Lodin, Nil Puissant, Xué Guidonnet,  Rémi Bedora, Sasha Golyanova, Simon Fitz, Javi Munoz

Surfers: Kelly Salter, Rob Machado, Alex Knost, Aritz Aranburu, Kepa Acero, Christian "Wispy" Barker, Bryce Young, Derrick Disney, Eric Geiselman, Laure Mayer, Matahi Drollet, Diogo Appleton, Ria Mondo, Norman Landa, Hodei Collazo, Eukeni Masa, Ander Mendiguren, Cam Richards, Miguel Tudela, Eurico Romaguera, Roisin Carolan, Gianmarco Pollacchi, Flora Christin, Anais Pierquet, Simon Routa, Giacomo Perez-Dortona

Destinations: Morocco, Bali, Mentawais, Basque Country, France, Tahiti, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Sumbawa



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Fabien Voileau


Thomas Lodin


Hayden O’Neill


Filippo Maffei


Jeremiah Klein


Javi Munoz


Xué Gil Guidonet


Rocci Semmer


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Sasha Golyanova

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