Just in case you weren’t there, this is what you missed from last
Friday’s Lightning Bolt event at the Shaper House in Biarritz.


Vibes where pretty high, that’s a fact. Not everyday you have the chance to meet Rory Russel and Craig Hollingsworth. Everybody was waiting for their stories and adventures, and we got much more than that. Both are living legends that have signed a very important part of the surfing history. Lightning Bolt surfboards remembered us to what surfing was, and what surfing was about, travel, adventure and pure stoke for riding waves. 


Biarritz Belzza Classic event organiser and longtime surfer Jon Razin came with his relic to have an autograph: “Since I was a little kid, I have always dreamed having a Lightning Bolt surfboard. When I turned up 40, my wife got me the only Lightning Bolt surfboard that was shaped in Europe in 2010 as a present. That night I slept with the surfboard!”


After the screening of “Nausicaa” and “Thank you Mother”, we had the chance to listen to Surfrider Foundation Europe about the importance everybody has in the actual situation and how we, as surfers, can help improve the environment.

Then, it was time for signing autographs, which took much more time that the organisers expected. Everybody wanted an autograph from the legends, and no one went home without it. 


When everybody had their autograph, Rory and Craig went to the shaping room and shaped in front of everybody. Throwing lines on a surfboard blank and shape it until it became a Lightning Bolt classic single fin was magic. Local shaper and surfer Paul Duvignau couldn’t take his eyes off the hands of Craig while he was shaping. “It’s incredible to have them here, shaping in live in front of us” shared with us “each one has a different style on shaping, as in surfing”.


At the end of the night, 2 lucky attendants that participated on the raffle organised by Surfrider Europe won the boards.

While we are still remembering the great moments we shared with Rory, Craig and all Lightning Bolt crew last Friday, A Pure Source tour hasn’t finished yet. Here you have the following dates:

  • 23 May Newquay - Uk.

  • 25 May Braunton - Uk.

  • 31 May & 1 Jun Ericeira - Portugal.


Video and photos by Martxel Txintxurreta