They are ruining our Earth and our future. For so many of us we call this magnificent part of our planet home. We as a race should look around and realise our place on this Earth, everything plays an important role and neither are superior or inferior.


We are the ones who are inheriting the earth. The adults off our world seem to be self centred and blind sighted by our corporate world. They are killing our planet and with that comes the destruction of our futures and the places we call home, yet we've no say. Everyday we're passing tipping points, if we continue on the road we are on, the ocean will begin to suffocate in about 15 years.


How can environmental issues not be on the top of the list for the people with power. 'how can such manifestly ignorant human continue to wield such foolish power'. That other shit won't matter when the Earth and we start dying. They're leaving their mistakes and carelessness behind for us to try and fix. We need to look around and sink back into ourselves. The beauty of our planet should be enough to make us realise.


Its important that we come together in a way that shows our voices have equal power with any government and political leader on earth.