Escaping the Basque Winter is a chance. Our destination: Morocco. Our motivation: the warm weather and the long rights.

Nothing beats surf trips. Especially in the middle of winter, with a nice swell coming for the whole week. After a day having around in the busy streets of Marrakech, we hit the road, direction South for our first surf session in Imsouane.


Days follows the rhythm of the tide: waiting for the low tide to enjoy the long rights of the Bay, eating fresh fish on the port and drinking mint tea. But It’s already time to go. Let’s follow the swell south.


After long hours on the road, driving on dusty roads in the middle of nowhere, we end up in Mirleft, a beautiful town perched on a cliff, where the Atlantic swells end their journey…


Morocco is unique. The colors, the tastes, the people, the landscapes, the waves! Everything is good. But the best thing about it, it’s only 2 hours from home!