In January 2019, snowboarder Mathieu Crepel and surfer Damien Castera, joined by photographer Greg Rabejac and filmmaker Pierre Frechou, traveled to the very northern tip of Norway for a boardriding expedition in the heart of the Arctic winter. In between snowy peaks and icy waves, they went deep into the polar night where solar winds meet Earth’s magnetic eld to create the fairy dance of the Aurora Borealis.

Between snowy peaks and icy waves, they sunk in the dark polar night where the solar winds orchestrate the fairy danse of the northern lights. A true adventure for the two friends who are always searching for new playgrounds across the globe.

“The original idea of this trip was to explore a new surf region north of the Lofoten archipelago. Scour the landscapes, furrow the coast and probe the creeks totry to nd our holy grail. As usual, we didn’t manageto travel light! Our load consisted of a couple of sur-oards, a snowboard, a tent, some -27° sleeping bags,a few pairs of snowshoes and even a diving light to help us try to surf in the middle of the night under the northern lights” says Mat Crépel.

The good news is the film is now live on Vimeo and you can watch it below. The other good news is that you can read our article about this expedition in Salt Water Magazine Volume 2 and we are organizing an event next week in Biarritz at the Helder Supply Store with Mathieu Crépel to present it. He will present his movie and will of course join us for a couple of beers ! See you there !


Short Film Directed by Pierre Frechou
With Damien Castera and Mathieu Crépel
Produced by When We Were Kids


Photography: Greg Rabejac