Mikey February is unique. He is the only surfer on the Tour who combines style and power.

Watching Mikey surf is something unique. He can draw lines effortlessly, carve, tube and finish the ride with powerful airs. Mikey is refreshing especially when it comes to surfing contests, where everything is codified and over complicated. Even if with his current 31st position in the rankings, it’s unlikely we will still see Mikey on the tour next year, the young 25 year-old South African is changing the rules of surfing and putting African surfing in front of the world scene.

Today, Mikey decided to left his sponsor Quiksilver to sign a 5 years deal with Vans. We hope to see him more on trips, pushing the limit of style on long waves, even if it’s not with a jersey on.

Here is a short video to understand Mikey Feb, his inspirations, his family, music, home spot…


Video: Tao Johnston for Surfer

Photo: WSL

Photo: Van Gysen