Trevor Gordon found an old abandoned fishing boat. Over the course of one summer he restored it and took it to British Colombia in search for waves.

Sometimes surf movies are quite similar: same story, same places, same boards, same riders, same songs… It’s rare to find a good short movie with a different scenario. “Camel Finds Water” might be an exception. The story behind this surf trip is epic and beautifully documented. Even if Trevor and his buddy Tosh didn’t score the best waves, this wasn’t the purpose of this journey. After 1,000 hours of work on the ship, discovering that the boat floats was already a victory. Discovering waves only accessible by the sea was the icing on the cake.

“Despite their best efforts, the first day on the western waters yielded no tasty waves, so Trevor and Tosh cast anchor to enjoy a well-deserved rest and a proper meal. The following morning, rejuvenated and eager to find what they came for, the duo navigated to a promising nearby island, and after a bit of a hike through the woods, finally got a chance to session a final wave.” - Taylor Stitch , movie director.

saltwater-camel finds water 1