Just after the Wheels and Waves, we met with Nathan Sadoun to discuss present, future and surfing. Nathan is a great human being. Always smiling, always stoked when there is a shitty wave to surf and always the first when it comes to have a couple of beers. Congrats on winning the event log contest. See you around Nathan!


S.W: Hi Nathan, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions. First, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

N.S:I'm 19, from Marseille, France ! I'm surfing and studying engineering. 

S.W: Wow, surfing and studying, epic! How is it to be a surfer coming from Marseille and the Mediterranean Sea?

N.S: It's not the first time I hear this question so I guess it's I'm kidding, it's the same as being a surfer from the Atlantic Ocean except we enjoy it way more when waves are good. It's funny because we feel the same excitement when we see 1m windy waves at home than headhigh perfection in Hossegor. When you're in Marseille, you know you won't get much better so you're still frothing even if you wouldn't think about surfing that wave on an ocean beach. 


S.W: Do you see it as a disadvantage compared to other surfers who can ride waves pretty much every day ?

N.S: f course it got me very frustrated not to surf as much as my friends the last couple years but my parents always tried to travel a lot during school holidays and we finally managed to surf a bunch! Now I spend all my summer on the West coast of France and Spain, all my holidays abroad and during the winter, I'm finally very happy to go back home and enjoy some bad sessions with my friends and family. 

S.W: Is the bask country your second home ? 

N.S: Marseille, Biarritz, Seignosse, it's in France, right? France is my home, Morocco or Spain is my second home. There are already too many boundaries and walls but surfers try to create more of them... I don't like that. For me, the essence of surfing is travelling, why should we make it harder to travel? 


S.W: What is your favorite spot ? 

N.S: A beautiful rocky left point break near Marseille, no names needed, there is no waves on the Mediterranean sea... Or a long left in Les Landes, sunny and empty please! 

S.W: You just won the log invitational at the Wheels and Waves? How do you feel? 

N.S: Not so bad! Ahahah I'm really stoked about that winning. I was feeling really good on my board. It's a new Black Rose Mfg I designed with Justin Quintal. It was one of the first session I had with it and I'm in love with it already! Also, I found the good waves in the final. It's not always that you actually have fun and enjoy your waves during a contest...

S.W: You are surfing many contests. What is your objective this year? 

N.S: I don't really have a precise objective, I mostly organize my trips around contests so it give me somewhere to go and somewhere I'm sure to be with all my friends! This year I'm gonna start to compete in the WSL as the new tour director is Devon Howard. I know he's gonna try to give logging the recognition it deserves throught the WSL tour so I wanna participate!


S.W: Any trip coming soon ? 

N.S: I like to take it slow in the summer and just spend it in my van on the Atlantic coast of Europe , waves are a bit slow sometimes but there are all my friends and already plenty of things to do. I'll keep my budget to surf in board short when it will be freezing here. 

S.W: Last one, but not an easy one… Shortboard or longboard ?

No choice. Both need different waves to work. But right now I have to admit I'm in a shortboard period. I guess it's easier to carry up the dunes of Les Landes. 


Photography: Nil Puissant