Since the creation of Salt Water, Simon Fitz has always been supporting us. He was part of the first magazine we published last year, and I hope, will be part of the next one ! We met with him in France to discuss surfing photography, mostly. If you don’t follow Simon on Insta, you are missing the best of what this social network has to offer.


SW: Hi Simon. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers ?

SF: I’m Simon, a Surf and Commercial Photographer from Germany! I’m currently in France and Working in and around Hossegor!

SW: How would you describe your photography in 5 words?

SF: Dark, Classic not Classic, Minimalistic, Different, Profound


SW: When did you get into photography and how did you start your photographer career?

SF: I started to take photos 4 Years ago! I finished my studies in Germany and got a Camera on my way to France! From there, I just tried to put everything in it! So my love for photography started with actually experiencing it! 4 Years later, I am even more crazy about it! Not a single day is the same and I can feel that this is what I want to do for the next years without any doubt!

SW: Do you have a favorite place to shoot?

SF: No not really! Every place is different and has a changing vibe over the year! I live mostly in Bali and in France so these are definitely my favourite places! Last year I got to experience California and I really liked it! So I will go back this year and see what happens!


SW: If you could shoot with one person who would it be?

SF: Surfer or Model? I guess I would love to go on a trip with Sebastien Zanella to see how his artwork evolves in a real situation! A Surfer that I would really like to shoot with would be Eurico Romaguera from Portugal - such a classic Style!

SW: What other passions do you have?

SF: I love to Surf and to make music! Thats my biggest passions besides Surfing!

SW: Any plans for the coming month ?

SF: No not really at the Moment I am currently working on a project in France! Whenever I’ll finish this I will go back to Cali and then Indonesia!

SW: One last word?

Thanks Guys !