For the launch of his new movie “New Religion”, we had the chance to sit down with William Aliotti. We asked questions, he answered. Sit down, relax and enjoy the discussion.


SW: Hi William, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions. First, can you introduce yourself? 

WA: I’m William Aliotti , 25 years old coming from Saint Martin in the Caribbean. I started surfing at 11. I’m a free surfer leaving the dream.

SW: Your from st Martin, a small island, not really famous for its waves. How did you end up being free surfer and chasing swells around the world? 

WA: Yeah home is not really great . Mostly wind swells, good ramps for air though. It’s actually the first reason I traveled away from my island (to find good waves) and ones you are in this vortex, you are always looking for better. I mostly go there in Christmas and New Years to see my family.

SW: Your latest video “New Religion” is releasing today, can you tell us more about the project? 

WA: Hum, it’s a one year project filmed and edited by Manuel Claudeville Morell . It’s pure surfing in the best waves in the world.


SW: You spent one year surfing the best waves in the world, what’s the best memory of this epic trip?

WA: They all are really good memories! Each time I watch the movie it makes me wanna go back !

SW: You surfed of of the best swell over the past 10 years in Indo. What Indo represents for surfers ? Despite the mass tourism is it still the holly graal? 

WA: Indo is the capital of surfing , each year the best surfers go there. It’s definitely the best place to go ! And there is still uncrowned spots. You just need to find them.

SW: Ireland, Indo, Chile… How did you choose the destinations and organize the trip? 

What are free surfers looking for? Airs and tubes, the perfect combo. Actually we are now looking for bodyboard wave . Because that’s what they do! Tube to air. Each place I chose during this trip was my favorite wave to surf. And there were most of the time only local bodyboarders haha .

SW: Are you the prophet of a new alternative surfing religion?

WA: We are making it better each time .


Watch the full clip now: