The first time I met Pat he was shooting with my good friend and Salt Water contributor Ivy Thomas. Iwas just out there to have fun.. as you can see below Pat has a way of capturing the moment as I jumped through the air to give Ivy an unexpected high five. I like to be a little bit unpredictable in my surfing to make it more exciting for everyone involved.


After seeing this image & his talent I was keen to work with him again. As a result there had been many texts back & forth to try and arrange the right day & place. Excitedly we arranged to meet at Rainbow Bay as we knew there would be some small peelers & potentially a beautiful sunset. Ivy was keen to shoot as well.

The conditions weren't ideal though.. there was a strong current on the inside bank & although it doesn't look like it the crowd was thick. It was challenging for Pat,  Ivy & I all to link up & make it work. However as you can see Pat always seemed to be in the right position & scored some amazing shots right on sunset.


The coffin ride whilst Ivy is noseriding behind me is probably one of my favorite moments. Having fun with friends & sharing waves is what I love about surfing. Can't wait to get out there again!


All shots by Patrick Clifford