It’s mid winter in Europe, wild Atlantic storms are relentlessly hitting the west coast, so we decide to head further east in search of sun and new adventures. We pack up ‘Ivy’ our home on wheels and hit the road, revelling in the thrill of new experiences. We roll through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada with the sweet smell of almond blossom filling the air, passing the deserts of southern Spain we finally hit the Mediterranean coastline. We are greeted by bright blue skies, palm trees and cacti surrounded by a dry rocky landscape contrasted by the beautiful aqua tones of the ocean, the perfect ingredients for an endless summer. If only there were waves!


After a few days of exploring, basking in the sun while Steph draws the landscape surrounding us, swimming in the calm tide-less waters and enjoying picnics of local produce on the beach, we decide to head for one beach in particular as Matt’s wave senses are tingling. After settling in to our camp spot and witnessing another magical Spanish evening sky turn from blue into fiery orange and red, then finally through to delicate pinks and purples... we await with quiet excitement for what the morning may bring.


At the crack of dawn with a fresh easterly blowing, as if by magic we are greeted by clean, waist high peelers with not a soul in sight! No time for breakfast it’s straight in to experience our first Mediterranean waves. We surfed from dawn till dusk only to meet a handful of friendly locals who were also marveling at this rare sight.


As soon as the swell had arrived, it was gone... and you would never know the waves were ever there at all... calm is restored. We find ourselves wondering, was this fleeting moment a dream?

There are ups and downs on most adventures, but moments like these, if only for a couple of hours, make the several thousand-km journey worth it. It feeds our hunger for exploring and moments of magic otherwise uncovered keep us inspired until we have the funds to head off in search of adventure and hidden gems once more.


A home on wheels, a couple of surfboards and a sense of wonder keep us coming back to explore Europe’s many coastlines. All we strive for is Slow ‘n Steady Livin.