A ship heading to the port of adventure.
A night journey on its uncontrolled roads and its curves on the haze.


Chefchaouen First footprint in the medina. Blue colors.


So deep and so unexpected. Where beauty hides shy behind a veil. Spices Blue again. Narrow streets. Artisans Sweet smell of bread. Sunsets at height. On clear days, you can hug our map from your mountains, but that day, the African fog only let us imagine it. I have fallen deeply in love with this place. I will be back. 


Fez. Labyrinthine city, mysterious and unknown. 300 neighborhoods and 9,000 alleys. Smells. Food stalls Souk of tanners. Strong smell. Good traditional food Wonderful people We said goodbye.


Meknes.Yumu'ah, Friday prayer. Full seats. Games Prayers. Food stalls Spices and again narrow streets. Back to the rihad.
Essaouira Tranquility. Direction Sidi Kaouki. The kindness and the pleasantness of the people of the coast. So different and at the same time so close. Pastors Right.


Sunset in front of camel silhouettes, it's incredible.
Breakfast and road.


Safi. Standing facing the sea. Petrified. We jump of joy to see that it is perfect. The wait was worth it. Incredible waves. 


We say goodbye to Morocco with a very good taste in the mouth.


Thank you Morocco for opening my heart and discovering another world on the other side of our sea. You were pretty while you lasted, a lot of good feelings, your people ... I do not doubt that we will meet again very soon.