Between May 2014 and April 2016 I could say that I’ve lived a personal endless summer…. Since 2001 that I was working in a 9 to 5 job, everyday the same routines, take a train then the subway, wearing fancy suits, black shoes and ties… Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays… On those days I was looking to the webcams, checking social media and imagine how perfect that spot was!!!


 Well cliché stuff when you hear about the fate of your life is in your hands but the truth is, you feel so comfortable to get every month the salary to get the newest smartphones on the market, new car, new lcd…

 So in may 2014 I resign my contract and left 13 years of hard work behind, I wanted to live my dream and chase my personal goals. I wanted to photograph every perfect swell and all that relates to surf.


Now I’m back to 9 to 5 job, not the same routines that I had before, but everything changed in my life and for some reason I need to get that safe salary.

 Photography is still is my passion and every day my camera is with me, you never know when you can get the shot of your life.

 For that 2 years of my live I’ve met a lot of nice people, some of them are a really good friends, been in a lot of nice places, took a lot of nice shots, chased a lot of perfect swells, but in the end it was all about fun and living my dream.

 I would like to share some of those magical moments that I’ve captured in Polaroids.