During the Wheels and Waves, we were lucky enough to spend one day with Italian surfer and shaper Matteo Fabbri. Matteo received an invitation to shape a board for the Shapers Exhibition in the shapers caravan installed at the heart of the event village in Biarritz. Next morning, Matteo also took part to the log invitational.

Matteo is an Italian surfer and shaper from Riccione, Romagna, a touristic city on the East coast of Italy, located 200km south of Venice.  Matteo joined the RVCA team in 2014.

Matteo rides every possible kind of boards and developed a unique style, the perfect mix between retro and modern inspirations. Matteo gained experience travelling a lot in California where he spent months discovering the authentic surf culture from the core community around Rincon, Malibu and Ventura.

Living a life entirely dedicated to surfing and its culture, Matteo also builds his own surfboards and spends hours working on his custom bikes. The only way for him to discover Italy full potential and live his dream life.