6:00 am. February 13th. Liberia. Breakfast. Coffee. Bus Costa Rica - Nicaragua. Border. Backpacks. Visas. Paperwork. Bus Station. Hustle. Crowds. Hot. Fatigue. Road. Rivas. Coffee. Taxi. POPOYO.

Salt Water Popoyo 1

So as well as you can see we chilled as soon as we got to Ola Verde Hotel, at Popoyo. Waves, warm, good food… yeah , that’s life!!


So, like this, we start our first day at Popoyo, getting good energy from the first hours of the morning to explore the area and surf!


So in spite of the dimensions of this place it doesn’t have big building and thats the essence of this beach, far from the city and a wild natural atmosphere.
There you can find Popoyo’sreef that generate A-frame waves right and left, working all day long.


Amazing sunsets…


So we keep enjoying the paradise in love with the land, the waves…


And the people…


Text & pictures by Andrea Sanchez