Always I have had the head full of possible trips, of exploring places, new cultures ( Especially the Asian as whom I have a special attraction) and always accompanied on my camera doing what more I like, portraying histories and own mine. Always thinking and thinking but never acting and tired of the monotony where it was anchored I decided to make real a bit of what always I wanted to do and to risk in direction Costa Rica.


Center America is not one of the places that had in mention for the present, but for things of the destination here I am, enjoying between ticos and sodas.


In this adventure I was accompanied By Carlos Fernandez, a Sevillian surfista on desire of exploring new waters and going in search of waves. When it considered realizing this trip me there came many doubts and fears of the head … but finally I decided to risk.


 A Coruña - Madrid - London - San José ( Costa Rica ) On November 17 treading on Costa Rican land, feeling the changes of temperature going down the plane of the winter cold of Galicia to the stifling heat of Costa Rica. Approximately we go more than two months in Tamarindo, we working the high season soon to be able to travel all over the country and part of Nicaragua. And while, hereabouts we will continue one more month up to the following destination.

And Jack Kerouac is that as good says "not wise to where going except everywhere …"