This story goes back over 20 years ago. It all began with a first attempt to build a surfboard. In his garage, in the house where he lived with his mother, Edgar Billy Bento – better known as Billy – had his first experience in shaping a surfboard using only two chairs with pillows to balance the blank.


Having spent most of his childhood weekends with his grandfather he inherited the interest for handcrafting and was taught all there was to know about tools and gadgets. 

He started by teaching others how to swim and his students eventually convinced him to teach them how to surf, knowing he would gladly accept the challenge for the fun of it. What began as a playful experience then became a career opportunity. Therefore Billy opened a surf school where he taught kids not only how to stand in a board riding a wave, but also the true spirit of surf. His enthusiasm grew and so did his responsibilities when later he decided to work in a surf camp.


When you have a dream and life gives you hope, it is difficult to stop thinking about it and there’s nothing strong enough to push you away from the idea of conquering what you wish. Billy feels he’s in the right path now and as time passes his connection to the sea gets stronger. His handcrafting skills get better and what began in his home garage is now his lifestyle, his passion, his purpose in life.

One day there was a kid who tried to build a surfboard. In between several adventures and challenges, he never gave up on his dream. This is Billy. This is his story