Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp again... More and more it is more difficult to isolate ourselves, to escape from everything, to enjoy the silence.  Silence… we are stupid enough so as to invent words that describe things that do not even exist!

For me, surfing is isolation. Getting into the sea to lose myself and to adapt to a different rhythm to the human one. A primitive rhythm and so fragile as the fragile mechanism that keeps a human alive with a heartbeat. 

 There may be people who go surfing to get a sticker or to end up fluttering their country’s flag in the Olympic Games. I respect those ideals, but I don’t share them because the textile pieces remain in the surface floating and, under it, the echo of the applause does not sound. Some moments, however, do stay with you, as they are able to survive in a memory that can erase whole years. Fear, anxiety, doubt, coldness… Moments that become eternal even though they last no more than a blink, like an air. Or long waits, where the lack of waves- again the sea rhythm… It is not an easy download app to entertain you- it makes you notice how a rock turns orange. 

Everything that has a price is priceless. That is why the orange light, the wind or a good bank do not have any relation with the WIFI or with you and I may like in a given moment, but they are fruit of fate. A chance that precedes us and that will survive us because it belongs to itself, happening in a primitive way in a planet that is no more than other sphere hanging in the middle of a long night.

'Salt but Sweet' is a tribute to our way of understanding the sea and the free surf, two tastes that are mixed in the soul of anyone who likes to get lost in the way. In this case, the soul of ‘Salt Water’, ‘R_666’ and 'Deflow'. 


Surf and words: Legi Alonso
Photo: José Alberto Prieto, Sergio Suárez, Legi Alonso
Translation: Andrea Suárez Riaño