6 a.m. on another September morning, Sean just comes out of his sleep, yawning to the ceiling. His orange Naje Surfboard under his arm, we go together across the Basque Country to decide to stop in Hendaye, the last town before the Spanish border.

First session in France since a long time for Sean and first session with this brand new Team Board Noserider 9’8x23´x3’. I had never checked any video of him before and discovering his surfing, I take a slap right in the lens. Noseride, stall, reverse foot, front side, back side … F**K ! Hendaye is on fire, grand-ma and grand-pa can’t believe it ! They all start to yelling at him, dancing, crying ! Jesus on the water !

By the way, Sean is also a painter living in L.A. California. He used to paint with a glass of red wine in one hand and a joint in the other. Using different mediums to make relief painting with, in my opinion, a Towmbly’s touch I like a lot. In his room of Pension Mariena in Guéthary Mikolos Sandor Dora was watching him painting, drinking, smoking and Sean made a tribute to his dead fellow.

See you soon Sean !