How many times have we checked, double checked and triple checked… the forecast for the week ahead, and it looked so promising that some one of us just requested holidays from our jobs? And when we are there in front of the ocean nothing is like we have dreamt of… Too small, too big, too onshore or simply the swell didn’t come…


Well I have to say that I requested holidays in May, for the week before Christmas and I swear that I’ve never looked at the forecast. The thing is, since I started my holidays on Friday 16th, the Atlantic Ocean just started to deliver some of the best waves of the season.


Well besides that, I still haven’t looked at the forecast, I decided that week was reserved to spent some time with my daughter and get the last Christmas gifts, but you know living so close to the beach it’s so hard not to check the waves in the morning. Every time I went out and checked it was breaking perfectly in multiple spots, so perfect, so big, so magical that it was hard to imagine.

Monday checked ✓

Tuesday checked ✓

Wednesday checked ✓

Thursday checked ✓

Friday checked ✓

Saturday checked ✓

Sunday checked ✓


Sometimes in life when we don’t have anything planned and we are not expecting, we could get the best show that nature can deliver. Well I felt that Santa Claus was delivering the best gifts I could ever ask for all week long. I have spent magical moments with my baby girl, I’ve got great shots and the best thing I’ve got so much fun.