I've been travelling up and down the coast of Western Australia for several years now and the search is endless, which is perfect for me.


From little peelers to double head barrels, our coastline has it all, if you know where to look that is. Oftentimes it's next to impossible to choose whether to shoot or to surf, but most of the time I can manage both. 


Armed with a camera or two, a few rolls of film, a couple of boards, my sleeping bag and a bit of food I've set off on many adventures, big or small, with company or alone and I'm forever surprised with what I end up discovering. 


I'll keep on driving, not headed in any particular direction or for any given reason, simply just for the love of the search.

Salt Water Australia surf LG pshyco

The psychedelic photographs are an effect produced by a man who goes by the name of Dustin Adams (@bloboliveradams.) He exposes the film to different coloured lights in a small box that's embedded with reflective paper. Some real magic stuff if you ask me.