Lisa Marques, also known by Lizzy, has a free and adventurous spirit ready to leave on the next adventure life presents her. Independent and focused, she has been building her own path without the influence of those who surround her. It all began by the age of 14, when she was watching a TV show, and decided she wanted to surf. At the time, a girl with a surfboard wasn’t common, but Lisa challenged the odds and entered the sea all alone. In there she feels calm and it took a lot of patience and effort to be a better soul surfer day by day.


The first step was taken and Lisa knew what her path was, so she decided to move to Peniche to study, always surrounded by the sea and nature. These are the elements that give her all the strength and balance she needs to face what life awaits her.


Ever since she was a little girl, she knew her way around with a pencil and a piece of paper and she found in drawing a way to feel complete. Her characters are a mirror of her soul, as she gets to reflect herself in the lines she draws and finds the answers she needs.

Lisa’s very thankful for her freedom and her space as she’s a very spiritual person. She channels her emotions through her illustrations and shares herself with the World. She’s a simple girl with simpler tastes and she values the small things in life.


The partnerships she has developed help her reach more and more people. She lives a day at a time, without other people’s approval, she follows her dreams. With love and deliver she spreads herself across the planet.

This is Lisa. This is her story.