California has it’s moments. When it’s on it’s absolutely incredible. Recently, swells have been far and in-between, so finding ways to expand and experiment with surf photography has been a challenge during the long periods of a flat ocean.


My best friend Will is a photographers dream, when the waves are pumping he charges like none other. If the ocean decides not to cooperate, he’s always up for getting a bit creative and help me turn surfing into an art. I have an unrelenting obsession with light, and go a quite crazy when everything comes together. Searching for perfect light, is quite like searching for the perfect wave. It’s a fast moment, that will never be recreated. 


Uncertainty is something you learn to deal with as a surfer, and a surf photographer. No matter how much you research and prepare for a swell, you just never know what you will get. Everyday is different, with that I’ve fallen in love with the chaos it brings. I’ve learned to be patient when things don’t go as planned, and figured out ways to use what’s given to you. My goal is to create images that show peace in a world of chaos. Life is full of up’s and down, uncertainties, and moments of joy that will never be forgotten.