At night the frost has formed beautiful ornaments on the windows of our old Toyota Landcruiser. Still in my sleeping bag I can see how the sun is colouring the cliffs in a rich red glow while a righthander peels along the edge of the black stone reef. Quickly I get out of the car to have a better look at the waves. It is not the first time I’ve been hear, still this place fascinates me. In awe I stare at the scenery in front of me, while my travel companions already get into their wetsuits.


Just minutes later the first waves wash away the fatigue from the two days it took us to get here. Numb fingers and toes are a fair toll to pay considering the beauty of this place and the solitude in which we were enjoying these perfect waves.


We spend the short days passing through farm yards, muddy roads and goat paths to explore this rugged coastlines and find its hidden gems.


At night we gather at the bonefire, pleased by our expeditions and in anticipation of what adventures the next day will hold.


Words & pics: Dan Petermann (@dan_petermann)
Surfers: Jonas Bronnert, Finn Springborn & Felix Gänsicke