"It started at 8, when my mom gave me her old Instamatic and I began a series of increasingly elaborate shots of my Star Wars figures. A decade after shooting Chewbacca dangling from dental floss over Darth and his stormtroopers, I wound up in the only place in America where this behavior is considered normal. Film school. A short was well received at festivals and I found myself directing second units (sunsets and cars) for B-movie king Roger Corman.

I got lucky and directed two features. Both won big awards at small film festivals. All seemed to be going eerily well, but as I continued to wade through the Hollywood development swamp, suddenly trying to attach lesser Baldwins to lesser projects, I realized just how much I missed that simple act of looking through the viewfinder, releasing the shutter, and grabbing a moment.

At present, I'm part of the group show "Reinventing the Wheel", opening in Chicago and moving on to New York, Los Angeles, and Portland over the course of this year. My surf stuff is regularly featured on and The Inertia. I'm available for portraiture, sports, wedding, and fashion work. Thanks for checking it out."