ELMO HERNANDEZ, Asturias, Spain


"Elmo is a 35 year old surf photographer living on the north coast of Spain in Asturias.  He's always close to the sea and tries to capture not only the moment, but the feelings in his surf photos.  Most of all, he likes seeing and feeling the wild forces of the sea.  His motto of "Catch it while it happens" shows in his work, as he feels his photography is more intuitive and emotional than technical. His work has been published in magazines and websites all over the world (National Geographic, The Surfer´s Journal, Korduroy, Desillusion...), he was finalist for Surfline´s Photo of the year in 2013, his pictures are being sold at The Canvas Wave in California and he is also contributor at The Inertia. In 2015 he made his first solo exhibition called "Waterlust" at Mediadvanced gallery in Gijón."