Flora Christin, 26. The top Indonesian longboard surfer girl? 

Quit her office Job in Jakarta in 2014 to spend 2 years travelling around sea and Indonesia. During which time she discovered countless amazing remote beaches and surf breaks but at the time watching the surf was her favourite hobby.

Being born in Indonesia put her in the position where it is forbidden for girls to go out into the sea. Traditionally indonesian girls stay at home and build their career as they grow up. Indonesian girls are expected to have white skin color, they are told that having white skin color makes them beautiful and it is a sign that you look after yourself well. But this is far from how Flora looks now.

Flora never imagined herself to be living in the Island of Gods as a surfer.

But in Bali there is something magical, something that kept calling her to move there. 

The culture and the ocean makes her so feel so chilled. Simply hanging out on the beach in my local mama’s warung makes Flora super happy. Mama and the Batu Bolong beach family have taken Flora into their hearts and have looked after Flora for over a year, helping her get to where she is now.

It all began a year ago, she rented a longboard for months until till she fell in Love with surfing and bought a log to ride everyday. It's the connection between her and the ocean that keeps her going, it is that passion that has driven her to the point she is at now and that is what will keep taking her forward.

Back a year ago she never thought she would be getting sponsored for a new log, doing bunch of photoshoots for some bikini brands, getting clothes and flip flops for free, like seriously? She is not a model, she is more than that!

Flora has learnt that when you work with your passion everything eventually comes your way, dreams come true!

Bring it on mama universe!

Surfing has taught her a lot, how to be patience, how to calm down and be brave when the big sets come. Above all it taught her to be kind and humble. 

Everyday for the last year she has been surfing down in Batu Bolong, the most crowded surf break! And when so many people surf around you there are many complaints and compliments that come your way each time you surf. 

This taught her that you are the reflection of whatever comes to you so keep being good, keep being you and keep smiling no matter what.

Be out there and spread the Love!