"Not one to move around without a wide collection of cameras, Hayden's work is seen as raw and edgy, documenting people within atmospheres, his unique flair with the lense has an ability to tell timeless stories. A recent itinerary including Fiji, Micronesia, Japan and through to Bali whilst elsewhere inbetween will give you a pretty good idea how much Hayden likes to move around, never one to stay still.

Hayden's work has contributed to several exhibitions including his first solo body of work 'Lost Paradise' (2014) and the group exhibition 'Damnation, Seize My Soul' (2013) amongst others home and abroad.

 Most recently Hayden produced the one-of-a-kind limited edition coffee table book 'Cinema Paradiso'. A collection of work from five years on the road from Micronesia to Fiji, Indonesia and into the depths of his native Australia."