IZZY HOBBS, Gold Coast, Australia


"Hey my name is Izzy Hobbs, I am a 17 year old based on the Gold Coast of Australia. 

I spend all the time I can in and around the ocean, I would be lost without it. It brings my mind peace, happiness and sense of humbleness. It grounds me and reminds me why we must loose our egos. My existence revolves around the ocean and so does everyone else’s for that matter, it’s the lifeblood of our planet without it, no life would exist. I realise that not everyone is enamoured and in constant contact with the ocean.  So my aim is to use my photos and film to give the ocean a voice and help remind people the beauty and magnificence of the ocean, to hopefully install why it’s so important to look after our Earth. I hope that people will see my images and begin to appreciate what we have and the importance of the oceans survival. Human beings must become humble again and drop our egos to realise our place on this planet.

I view my photography and film as art as well as a way to document my feelings and ideas on each different day. I don’t want to just create pretty things to look at. I want to have purpose behind my work. As well as marine conservation I use the ocean and surfing as my muse to explore and raise worldly issues like gender equality, so I can create an awareness and contemplation in people to evoke change in them."