"After falling into the infectious lifestyle of surfing in his teens, Matt has spent much of his past few years traveling the world, often with surf as the primary focus. Highlights of his travels include off the beaten track locations such as Mozambique, which have only inspired him to travel further.

Ironically, over this time a camera was barely used, and it wasn’t until the beginning of 2016 that Matt stumbled upon photography and realised it was soon to become an obsessive hobby of his. Since then, he has worked with a handful of surf brands, and set up an online shop from where he sells high quality prints.

‘Striving to evoke emotion through my work, I try to create a connection between the viewer and the natural world.’

You’ll more than likely find Matt exploring the rugged and wild Cornish coast, which offers endless photo opportunity and an abundance of stunning surf spots. Continuing to use photography as a tool to express his passions, Matt aims to carry on traveling, always searching for utopian images."