"I grew up surfing waves on the south coast of New South Wales, home to some of Australia's most pristine beaches, so it was inevitable that my passion for the ocean and photography would eventually collide.  

For me, digital photography goes far beyond preserving moments in time. I use my camera to express emotion and form deeper connections to the places I shoot. How I see and experience the world speaks to my art on a very personal level. 

Over time, my style has evolved to capture not only the atmosphere, motion and raw energy of a place, but also convey a feeling that's often intangible. Using light and texture to stir and inspire, my images document the places, the faces, the rides and the vibe.

So far, my photography has taken me all over the world, to some of the best surf breaks in Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, France, Spain and the Pacific Islands.

In addition to surf photography, I also shoot creative underwater lifestyle projects. WET YOUR DRESS is a unique and original concept combining underwater photography with weddings, fashion and portraits. Just add water. "