PUTU JULIARTHA, Lombok, Indonesia


"I was born in the city of Mataram in West Lombok on 13th july, 1986, As I lived by the ocean, I naturally discovered surfing in 2005 with one friend of mine who was a surfer from New Zeland. Soon after, I had to stop surfing for 5 years since to work in a coal mine in east Kalimantan. But after five years of work, I was bored and needed to surf again so I decided to stop working and got back to my previous beach life.  A friend who loved photography  me how to take my first picture ever. Then I started renting a camera every time I could and take as many picture I as I could at the beach. I finally bought my first camera, a Canon 60D and started hanging around in Lombok to find everyday new places to photograph. I decided to learn how to take people surfing, but also portraits and landscapes."