"As a landlocked Swissy, I grew up surrounded by gigantic mountains and pancake-like flat lakes. Water in all its forms intrigued me, formed me as a child and still fascinates me every day. Every free moment was spent on ice, snow or water, until I discovered surfing in the big blue and immediately became a huge fan of being salty. From then on surfing took over every other passion I might have had. 

At risk of sounding a little sad  – my brain doesn't function the same as that of others. Childhood memories tend to blur and it ended up affecting me enough that I started to take photos of literally everything. Whether it be breathtaking moments, amazing people, happy places, devastating situations or nature in its raw beauty - I always have my camera at the ready. And yes, from all this shutter action, I also end up having shots of random daily shit and 'stoketastic' late night escalations. 

To sum it up - What brings me a constant sense of thrill is to have as much fun as possible, to surf, travel, take photos, stay as ambitious as possible, and hell yeah - riding out custom bikes under the Indonesian sun!  

Stay wild! x Sab"