THE OUTSIDE CROWD, Peniche, Portugal


João Diogo Polónio is a 27 year old Portuguese filmmaker. Born in Lisbon he considers himself quite the national nomad. He caught his first wave in 2012 and after that one he never stopped. He found that surfing is not just a sport, not just a mere hobby, surf is a passion, a lifestyle. His true journey in life began when he left the busy streets of the Portuguese capital to go and live alone in the quietness of Baleal, Peniche. There he started to build one of his dreams and created a project about surf culture named The Outside Crowd. This adventure has allowed him to know a lot of different people who keep inspiring him to give the best of himself in what he loves to do the most.

Filipa Bento is a 22 year old Portuguese filmmaker and producer. Born in Setúbal she considers herself and adventurous girl always looking forward to known the unknown. She met João and joined him on his adventures, projects and life. Video has always been a part of her life. She started with fiction, but has now discovered the beauty in documentary genre. Her passion for writing is a great tool at The Outside Crowd project. Filipa loves to travel and to meet new people around the world, feeling that it’s the best way to grow and improve herself as a human being.

The Outside Crowd is about giving voice to those who can’t make themselves heard in the surf industry. It’s about supporting the community and the enormous amount of projects and dreams that are out there ready to be successful. Their curiosity and will lead them to a mission: to learn, to know, to share.