Founder of Driftwood Photography, Tom Pearsall, brings purpose to his art form. 

Based in the heavy waters of Margaret River, Tom has been fortunate enough to train with some of the worlds best waterman through One Ocean International ( Here he learned the importance of a strong connection to culture, community and our environment; as well as gaining the skill set required to swim in some of the planets most remote waves.

Between home and strike missions to various remote locations around the world Tom's driving passion is to leave a legacy, to show current and future generations that our beautiful, powerful yet vulnerable planet can’t take much more human abuse.  A percentage of sales of his work are donated to organisations protecting our precious planet.

The spontaneity and experimental nature of ocean photography as well as exploring abstract and different subject matters is the motivation that brings him to the water every day.

"There is still magic out there, it's happening all the time. You just need disconnect and look at the world surrounding you. I try to capture these fleeting moments and share those suppressed feelings, of wonder and awe."